Sound bath ~ Yin Yoga and

Chrystal Bowls

Vrijdag, 23.03.2018 from 19:00-21:00

sound bath

This is an invitation on a journey away from your daily life in release and relaxation. Doris and Elsbeth are bringing together the bliss of Yin Yoga and the magical sound of Crystal Singing Bowls. During the workshop Doris with her great experience as a yoga teacher, will gently guide you into poses. The magic sound of Elsbeth’s Bowls will help you to do so effortless.The beautiful soothing sound of the Crystal Singing Bowls lifts your spirit with the ability to generate vibrations with differing frequencies through your inner ears and body. The yin yoga poses target the relaxation of the connective tissues, the release of blockages to increase your energy flow. The combination of yin yoga practice including mediation with pure (therapeutic) sound vibrations from the crystal bowls guides our body and mind to a deeper and more profound level of awareness.

Elsbeth Snijdoodt ~ The Alchemy Crystal singing bowls

“Wie hoe dan ook, gaand of staand, zittend of liggend, in staat is zijn gedachten het zwijgen op te leggen, kan in deze gedachtestilte gelukzaligheid vinden." Kuan Yin

“Whoever is, going or standing, sitting or laying, capable of silencing his thoughts, can find bliss in this silence.” Kuan Yin

Elsbeth let her seven Chrystal Bowls sing in a intuitive way. For ages the power of sounds have been acknowledged in many civilizations.  Everything in this universe is connected through  vibrations. You are alive because of vibrations. Everything is rhythm. And everything resonates to vibrations. Sounds are the jumpstep into other dimensions; the alleviation of energy blockages in the chakras as the karma you are ready to release, disappears quickly and with minimal effort: all are reported benefits of sound with a gifted channel of this energy.


Doris Lilienweiss ~ Yin Yoga

Doris is a yogini by heart and soul. Her teachings of yoga inspires you to bring the best out of yourself. She is teaching Anusara® Yoga next to Vinyasa and more yin related yoga styles. Doris loves to share her passion for yoga and she offers an alignment based 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training inspired by the five elements in Arnhem. She is the co-teacher and founder of the 200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Bonn, Germany. You find her teaching classes, private sessions and workshops at Yogapoint Arnhem, on Yoga Festivals or like minded events. Doris is an E-RYT registered yoga teacher.


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