Saturday and Sunday 25./26.08.2018

Advanced yoga studyAdvanced Yoga Study

A weekend of advanced yoga practice and advanced yoga study with Doris Lilienweiss in Arnhem

The training is designed for advanced yoga practitioner, yoga teacher and interested yogis from all yoga styles to refine your yoga practice and/or to take your yoga teaching to the next level. During the weekend you lay the groundwork for a skillful practice for you and for your students. The teaching is mainly based on the Anusara® Yoga method. It is designed for students and teacher from every other yoga style. 

Content of the weekend:

- Practice of manual adjustments;
- Assisting and mastering advanced yoga poses in a safe and healthy way;
- Use of props;
- See misalignments and explore why they appear in common yoga poses;
- Practice of heart opening backbends with the introduction to shoulder loop; 

You broaden your skills based on a solid foundation to expand your practice and your teaching skills. You connect to your essence holding the connection to study and teach from the hearts energetic quality. 

ground to grow

Foundation ~ creating the ground to grow

Muscular Energy and creating stability and strengh; Spiral of the arms and legs; Inner Spiral/Outer Spiral; Alignment of the hips;

Blume von unten

Connecting to the essence

Open and connect to your heart, practice and teach from a most authentic place. Learn about shoulder loop and the energy of your heart; Alignments of the shoulders.

  hand on heart


Saturday, 25.08.2018 from 14:00 - 18:00
Sunday, 26.08.2018 from  9:30 - 17:30 

Yogapoint Arnhem
Looierstraat 54
6811 AZ Arnhem

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you here


_________________.. . . . 22th of June, 10th of August from 19:15 - 21:30 . . . .._______________

In the Moonlight~Bliss Circle we gather in a heart centered way for guided meditation, sharing, letting go and setting intentions. We hold space in a non-judgemental way to empower each other holding each others back. It is a circle respecting the earth, honoring the flow of life and the greater cycle we are all part of. We like to invite guest teacher from different professional backgrounds who inspire us and co-create the experience in the circle.

majid sadr 388994 unsplash Kopie 2

The circle is open to many path with different cultural backgrounds and different spiritual ideas. At the very center there is the experience of the heart and this is excactly the essence where we meet.

evie shaffer 570183 unsplash Kopiemilan popovic 631943 unsplash Kopie

What can happen in a Moonligh~bliss Circle:

  • Guided meditation

  • Intentional Rituals (which do not follow a particular tradition or religion)

  • Crafting

  • Earth Celebrations like the eight fire festivals 

  • Philosphical insights 

  • Soundexperience

  • Yoga

    … and much more. LIVE YOUR MAGIC!

Investment in yourself: 30€

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