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Over Sage

Sage has been practicing yoga for 6 years, having first discovered it in her hometown in Canada. At first she fell in love with how yoga allowed her to relax and feel generally, much happier. Being a nature lover at heart, she found that these moments of joy in nature often felt situational or outside herself. Always seeking to find the next travel destination or the next something else. She eventually realized that yoga and meditation are practices that show her that you need nothing, but your breath, to access this peace and happiness within. No matter where you are or what is happening.

In her yoga classes, there is a big focus on breath and mindfully moving the body. For her, yoga is much more than the intricate shapes the body takes. What is happening inside you, while in these shapes, that is where she likes to journey to. This is where she would like to take her students to. A state where one is fully connected to themselves and thus to the world around them.

Sage's specialiteiten

Vinyasa yoga

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