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Over Ty

Ty Alexander Cheng (RTY 300) began his exploration with yoga 15 years ago. It only took a few months to form a deep bond with his yoga practice, and in 2008 he began teaching. After completing his first teachers’ training, feeling inspired, he returned for additional training. Ty continues to engage in learning, opening himself to education in yoga, dance, and the healing arts. His adolescent and adult years have been spent as a professional contemporary dance artist, relentlessly investing the wisdom of the body, offering him unique insights that inspire his teaching. Mental/physical comfort and steadiness, safe alignment, self-empowerment, and proper breathing are natural areas of focus within his classes. Ty’s teaching style is direct, using accessible and straightforward language, allowing the practitioner to focus on their direct inner experience. His gentle and respectful approach to adjustments provides a safe space to explore a deeper range of motion, stimulating the body’s natural healing response. You leave his class feeling enriched, restored, and rejuvenated.

Ty's specialiteiten

Hatha Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga

Ty's talen


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